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Players are requested to observe the Rules and Etiquette associated with the game of Golf, and to be suitably attired at all times both on the Course and in the Clubhouse. Rule and Etiquette books are available from the Golf Shop.


All competitions are under the control of the Match Committee which reserves the right to change, alter any date, or cancel or vary any competition.

The Starter has the authority to change groups or vary hit off times to ensure the smooth flow of the field. Members are to abide with the Starters directions at all times.

On days when competitions (arranged by the Match Committee) are in progress, any member not taking part can only play when and where directed by the Golf Shop or Match Committee.

The Rules of Golf and the Local Rules of the Club are the rules of play.

The player on the lowest handicap in any type of match or competition automatically becomes the Captain of the match. It becomes their responsibility to ensure that the etiquette of the game and the general conditions of play are strictly observed.

Not more than 4 players can hit off together at any time (in the one group) without the approval of the Golf Shop Starter or Match Committee.

Special attention should be given to loss of position in the field, calling groups through, replacing of divots, smoothing of bunkers and repairing of pitch marks on the greens Note: the position of each   group is directly behind the group in front and the   average time required to complete 18 holes of Golf   as a group should be no more than 4 hours and   15minutes.


A course record can only be officially recognised in a stroke play competition, where the holes and tees are in their proper medal or championship position.

The term “course record” is not defined in the Rules of Golf. However, it is generally accepted that a record score should be recognised as the official “course record” only if made in an individual stroke play competition (excluding bogey, par or stableford competitions) with the holes and tee- markers in their proper medal or championship positions.

A record score will not be recognised as the official “course record” if a Local Rule permitting preferred lies is in operation.


A Hole-In-One can only be recognised in a competition round conducted by the Club. The Hole-In-One Honour Board is confined to Members only


Electronic time sheets will be available for all member’s competitions formally organised by the Match Committee. Competitors should record their name on the booking sheet for that day. Competitors should utilise the on line time sheet, or the  Buninyong Pro Shop to reserve a time slot.

Members unable to observe their booking time must advise the Golf Shop as early as possible, or delete their name from the electronic time sheet. Failure to do so could place the player at the end of the field. Additionally, a repeat offender will be requested to explain the circumstances to the Match Committee.

Time Sheets are available for member’s competitions two weeks in advance. No member is permitted to book more than four players, and no bogus names are to be used. No member shall delete or change any other member’s time without the permission of the Member concerned.

Members’ guests are permitted to participate in any Club Competition provided they are financial members of a golf club, and hold a current Australian handicap. Entry into the field must be made by arrangement through the Golf Administration by phone 5341 3217 or email admin@buninyonggolfclub.

All events are conducted over 18 holes, unless otherwise stated.

Competitors should check their handicap through the “GolfLink” system before commencing each round of play. The onus is on the competitor to ensure that their name, handicap, golflink number and the date is clearly annotated on the score card, and that the scores recorded for each hole are correct and legible.


After completion of the round, the competitor should check their score for each hole and clarify any doubtful points with the Match Committee. They shall ensure that the marker has signed their card, countersigned the card themselves, scanned it onto the electronic scanning system, and returned it to the Match Committee as soon as possible.

Note: Where appropriate to the competition, the automatic card recording system will print this information as a service to the player. The lodging of a signed and checked card consistent with the online record is the responsibility of the competitor.

Players who do not lodge their card as soon as possible after completion of their round will be disqualified from the competition… Rule 6 – 6B.

If a competitor is in doubt about any rule, the matter should be referred to the Match Committee immediately at the conclusion of play. It is then the responsibility of the Match Committee to determine the outcome.


Other competitions will be conducted for Members and visitors on days where the program and suitable weather conditions permit. Always check with the Club for competition details and course availability for casual play.