Par: 5

Distance: 474m

Index: 7


Par: 5

Distance: 383m

Index: 6

The longest of the par 5’s with the first half of the hole playing uphill. The further right you can be on the fairway the easier the 2nd shot. The ideal line off the tee is the large gum tree just off the right edge of the fairway past the grassy knoll. This tree is around 240m off the men’s tees so if you are a long hitter just left of this tree is ideal as it will give you the best angle to a green which is out of view. As you get within around 230m of the green you will see a bare branched tree left of the fairway. This tree is level with the back of the green and around 5m left of another tricky green. Two bunkers protect this green both level with the bottom tier of the green – one left and one right. There are 2 distinct levels on this green and unless you are on the same level as the pin you could be here for a while.

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