Buninyong Golf Club (BGC) has a relaxed dress code.  The safety of members and visitors and the protection of our golf course are the major guiding principles in setting a dress code. 


This policy sets out guidelines for the members and visitors with regard to appropriate dress and also to staff and Directors who will enforce this Policy and Procedures (P&P). 


The dress code at BGC seeks to promote the safety, comfort and enjoyment of all members and visitors as well as protect and preserve our golf course.  Directors, officials and staff will enforce this P&P.  Adult members of this Club are encouraged to promote this P&P with junior members. 

The BGC Dress code on the course and practice areas.

  • Neat attire, taking into account care of the course, extremes of weather and safety. 
  • Singlets or clothing with offensive motifs/words are not acceptable.
  • Footwear: Golf shoes with metal spikes and thongs of any type are not permitted.  

The BGC Dress code in the Club house.

  • The standard of dress for the Club house is smart casual. 
  • Singlets or clothing with offensive motifs/words are not acceptable. 
  • Conforming golf attire and golf shoes are acceptable attire in the bar areas following golf events.